Koh Chang Golfing?

In case you like to improve your golf game while in Holiday don’t worry, as guest of our luxury villas on Koh Chang, you have access to Siam Royal View’s Koh Chang Golf course. The nine hole pitch and putt course is the only golf course on the island.

The golf course on Koh Chang is situated in a beautiful and unique setting just a few hundred meters from the beach. It is laid out over one large and several smaller islands set in a tropical, salt water lagoon and connected by wooden walkways. It is landscaped with local palm trees and other tropical flora.

It plays over nine par 3 holes and is challenging even for experienced golfers. An innovative feature is that the holes reverse every day at lunch and play in an the opposite direction. It is therefore possible to enjoy 18 unique holes on the same day.

The state of the art artificial greens are unique to Thailand and were introduced along with other features like raised greens and tees and lifted but well drained bunkers to allow the course to be played even after a major thundershower.

Being located within a lagoon, the golf course features plenty of water hazards. Play takes place on the beautifully landscaped fairways and between islands, including our signature hole where players tee off from one island towards a green on another island, something rarely found anywhere in the golfing world.

The Koh Chang golf course was fully designed in compliance with International Pitch & Putt Federation Regulations and tournament specifications.

Happy Golf Chang Golfing !

Siam Royal View’s Koh Chang golf course may only be a nine hole pitch and putt, but it is a wonderful environment to enjoy a round of golf.

The course is short, playing 554 yards (507m) on the Chang Noi nine and 571 yards (523m) on the Half Moon nine. The holes (named after the two nearby beaches) are played over the same ground, but are played in different directions so that players can, if desired, play 18 holes in the same day. The direction reverses daily at lunchtime.

The course is well suited, if a little tricky, for beginners and is an ideal introduction to the game of golf. However, more experienced players will also enjoy a round which gives an excellent opportunity to practice the skills of their short game.

The ever present water hazards mean all players will have to temper an aggressive game with prudence if they want to stay out of the lagoon.

Chang Noi Nine / Half Moon Nine

Click to download full size golf course layout for:

Holes 1 – 9, Par 27, length 507 m | (Chang Noi Nine, playing direction south)
Holes 10 – 18, Par 27, length 523 m | (Half Moon Nine, playing direction north)

Siam Royal View’s pitch and putt golf course is the only place it is possible to play golf in Koh Chang. This short guide will enhance the enjoyment for everyone.

Use Of The Course
In addition to Siam Royal View’s residents and guests, outside visitors are welcome to play on the course and also to enjoy the facilities of the Beach Club. The management reserves the right to bar any person from playing.

Due to the relaxed beach environment, the holiday atmosphere and in line with other pitch and putt courses around the world, the dress code is less stringent than on a full size golf course. However, players must be dressed in at least a sleeved tee-shirt and shorts must be worn. Shoes are recommended.

Tee Times
Tee times may be booked in advance on a first come first serve basis at the Siam Royal View Beach Club. Times are at ten minute intervals, starting on the hour. The reservation of a tee time obliges the player to pay the green fee irrespective of the whether or not play takes place. Players without a reserved tee time may tee off at the next available time as directed by our staff.


  • Please respect your fellow players and other users of the course at all times.
  • Players should not move, talk or stand close to either the line of play, directly behind the ball or in line with the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
  • No player should play until the players in front are out of range although players should play without undue delay.
  • When the play of a hole has been completed, players should immediately leave the putting green and mark their cards at the next tee.
  • Slower groups should let faster users play through.
  • Players should repair their divot holes and pitch mark damage to the fairways.
  • Players should avoid damaging the hole when removing or replacing the flagstick and the removal of the ball from the hole.
  • The head of a club should not be used to remove the ball from the hole
  • Players should not lean on their clubs while on the putting green.
  • Before leaving a bunker, players should smooth over all footprints and holes.

A serious breach of etiquette or continuous disregard of these guidelines could result in a player being disqualified or excluded from play.

The course plays to the rules as laid out by the International Pitch and Putt Federation and of which the below comprise the most important rules:

  • Players may only take 3 clubs each onto the course one of which must be a putter
  • Clubs may not be shared amongst players
  • For adults, no clubs longer than a 9 iron is allowed (most players use a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a putter.
  • It is compulsory to tee off from the teeing mat
  • Only wood or bio degradable plastic tees are permitted
  • Player separation: if other players are within striking distance, players on a tee off must yield to players on the course or on a green

The Koh Chang golf course is fun and affordable. Following are the green fees. Please note that prices are subject to change.

Green Fee (for 9 holes)

  • Visitors: THB 300.-
  • Residents: THB 200.-
  • Children: THB 100.- (under 12 years accompanied by an adult)

Club set rental: THB 150.- per set, per day. (pitching wedge, sand wedge & putter in bag). (Children’s set, small wood driver, 7 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge & putter in bag.)

Each set includes 10 tees and 10 balls. Lost tees and balls must be paid after play. Additional balls can be purchased. Only wood or bio degradable plastic tees allowed.

(Visitors, deposit for Club set rental: THB 2000.- per set or a passport)

Tees: THB 5 per tee
Balls: THB 20.- per ball

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